Bethlehem University

Bethlehem University is a Catholic Christian co-educational institution of higher learning founded in 1973. Bethlehem University mission is to provide quality higher education to the people of Palestine and to serve them in its role as a center for the advancement, sharing and use of knowledge. The University emphasizes excellence in academic programs and the development of students as committed people prepared to assume leading positions in society. The University fosters shared values, moral principles, and dedication to serving the common good. Bethlehem University was one of the founding members of the Palestinian Council for Higher Education in 1978 and continues membership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education resulting from the coming of the Palestinian Authority in 1995. In May 1981 Bethlehem University became a member of the Association of Arab Universities. Bethlehem University also holds memberships in the International Federation of Catholic UniversitiesLasallian Association of Colleges and Universities, and the International Association of Universities.

Ahmed Fasfous

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Bethlehem, and a Clinical Neuropsychologist at Al-Mizan Hospital – Hebron

Ahmed Fasfous is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Bethlehem, and a Clinical Neuropsychologist at Al-Mizan Hospital – Hebron. Dr. Fasfous received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Granada (Spain) in 2013. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, Andalusian Society of Neuropsychology, and the Brain-Behavior Research Center (CIMCYC) at the University of Granada – Spain.

Fasfous’s research interest is neuropsychological development, trauma, and mental health problems, psychological testing, and cross-cultural neuropsychology. Dr. Fasfous has participated in different national (Palestine) and international projects (Spain, Morroco, and Ecuador) focused on neurodevelopmental problems among children.  He coordinated the NEUROPALES project  (2015/2016)  in Palestine where the neurodevelopment of 480 refugee children was evaluated.

Nahida Al-Arja

Assistant Professor at Bethlehem University

Nahida Al-Arja is an assistant professor at Bethlehem University since 2010. Dr. Nahida Al-Arja received her Ph.D. in psychological counseling from Cairo University ( Egypt) in 2010.

Al-Arja”s research interest is Personality traits, Personality in a different culture, Positive Psychology PTSD, Post-traumatic Stress disorders among children and adults, Death Anxiety & Death obsession, Suicide, Elderly Mental Health.

Dr. Al Arja participated in several conferences such us, in the XIII WPA CONGRESS of PSYCHIATRY with a poster in Cairo, Egypt 2005, and in the 2nd Middle East and North Africa Regional Conference of Psychology with a paper in Jordan in 2007, also participated in the13th Pan-Arab Psychiatric Conference with a paper, Beirut, Lebanon Nov 27-29, 2014.

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