Hebron University

Hebron University is the first Palestinian University established in 1971, about 75% of our 10,000 students are females. Today, it is one of the nation’s leading universities and is made up ten undergraduate colleges and one graduate studies college. Hebron University is dedicated to students in a dynamic and supportive learning environment. Our graduates develop the professional and personal skills required to realize meaningful careers and make a difference in the world.

Hebron University strives to promote excellence by providing quality, academic teaching, training, research, and relevant community programs within the context of sustainable development, emphasizing social conscience, and democratic values. In addition to providing students with the opportunity to realize their educational ambitions, the University aims to empower students to be productive citizens and active members of their community.

Our Academic Programmes:

  • 5 Diploma Programs in Sports and Mobile programming and maintenance.
  • 10 BA colleges, 57 Bachelor programs: Agriculture, Nursing, Arts, Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Education, Sharia (Islamic Law), Finance & Management, Science and Technology, Law and Political Sciences, Information Technology
  • 1 Graduate college: one Ph.D. program in Islamic Judiciary
  • 15 M.A programs: Arabic Language and Literature, Applied Linguistics & Teaching English Language, History,  Plant Protection, Natural Agriculture, E-sources & it’s Sustainable Management, Management (MBA),  Foundations of Religion, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Psychological and Educational Counseling.

Hazem Bader

Assistant Professor-Applied Linguistics

Certified instructor in English Language Teaching

Twenty-nine years’ experience in tertiary education

Design & teach undergraduate/graduate courses in English Methodology &  Curriculum

Supervise MA dissertations in Applied Linguistics

Manal Abu Minshar

Lecturer at the College of Education at Hebron University

Manal M. Abu Minshar holds her Ph.D. from Yarmouk University –Jordan in 2012,  and she is now a lecturer at the College of Education at Hebron University since 2012  and the head of the department since 2016. Manal has worked as a teachers’ trainer in the project of improving the quality of education and also she has designed a lot of training modules. Manal participated in many projects about using smart devices in education, and the development of the primary education program courses. She also participated in a number of workshops to improve the quality of education in the Palestinian universities. Her research interests lie in the area of teaching methods.

Kamel Katalo – Amayreh

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education in Hebron University

Holds a Ph.D. in Psychology – mental Health. Dr. katalo (Amayreh )is an associate professor at the Faculty of Education in HU. Has studied the psychological issues of war victims and refugees including the elderly, children, and teenagers closely and published a number of renowned publications in the field. Of his recent published researches are “The manifest content of the life story of the elderly Diaspora Palestinian refugees and to explore the history of the process of their displacement and its psychosocial, social and political implications for them” and ” The reality of mental health for students, from the 1948 Occupied Palestinian Territories, and study in the Intensive Academic Program”.

In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. katalo(Amayreh )has worked as head of the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Education from 2006-2008 and works now as a coordinator of the Intensive Educational Program for Indigenous Palestinians (Bedouins).

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